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Thinking I day to develop critical thinking skills


Thinking – The Art Of Becoming A Mindful Thinker

As a fundamental activity, thinking is a skill. It is your most essential resource—the foundation of your humanity.
The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your experiences in life. To be a poor thinker is to have a horrible disadvantage and handicap in life. As a skill, thinking is goal-oriented and intentional. Using your brain as a function and experience is also a competency. A crucial skill for managing life effectively. Determine life with precision, accuracy, and clarity gives you the ability to understand what’s happening and to make good decisions. It gives you the power to question, explore, and examine your thinking to make it more true to the outside world.

While We All Think, We Do Not All Think Equally Well.

Some people are great thinkers. They come up with new ideas that change the world. Inventing new products that improve the quality of lives. They create new businesses and possibilities. They are executive thinkers.
Most people are not! Though “thinking” seems so natural, inevitable, and effortless—many do not do it very well? How could thinking go wrong? How could one not think? Probably most people are poor thinkers—lazy thinkers, sloppy thinkers, muddled thinkers.. Just listen to them! They are vague, imprecise, convoluted, and wrong-headed about lots of things! Many avoid engaging in real thinking.

Anyone who wants to learn how to cognize effectively, those whose thoughts goes round and round in circles, people needing to update their processing, Anyone wanting to develop their perceptual patterns.

Day 1 – Foundational Thinking Skills. Your Thinking Journey.

The first five skills are designed for us to work over an idea, find out how valid or invalid it is, and keep our thinking fresh. In doing so, you are able to keep your mind and perspective fresh, alive, vital, turned-on. Without these, thought becomes dull, lazy, superficial, dependent or the other extreme driven by agenda and the know-it-all mentality.

  1. Considering
  2. Questioning (Meta-Modeling)
  3. Doubting
  4. Indexing / Extensionalizing
  5. Distinguishing

Other Day 1 Topics include The Beginning Your Inner Movie Processing Stages Integrative Cognition Navigating Your Mind Irrationality and Brain Updates

Today’s Thinking Creates Tomorrows Thinking Structures/ Patterns.

The challenge of mindfully processing information is that your pre-frontal cortex generates a special kind of mind—self-reflexive consciousness. As you contemplate so you create mental structures (“theory of mind,” “model of world”) through which you think. You think your cognizing templates into being (did you get that?!). This makes your processing “psycho-logical” in nature — it makes sense from the inside-out to you — even though it may not make sense to anyone else, for from the outside-in or in terms of understanding the world outside your nervous systems. The meta-cognitive skills of executive processing solve this problem.

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