Brain Camp

You Think You Think — Think Again!

Actually real authentic thinking is a pretty rare and special experience— one not often experienced by human beings. How much of the time are you actually thinking? Now are you ready for a surprising answer? Not much. You might be shocked by how much, and how often, you are actually on automatic and not thinking. So are you ready for a wake-up call? Brain Camp could be your wake-up call for learning how to truly think— how to think clearly, precisely, and inspirationally.

Would You Like To:

+ Improve profits
+ Increase productivity
+ And retain great staff?

How We Get You There

1 Build staff capability to undertake new roles and responsibilities
2 Empower staff to implement improved skills and processes in their job
3 Support management and leadership through a culture of accountability
4 Drive staff commitment and engagement
5 Improve staff retention through recognition and reward.

Are You Ready for Brain Camp? Brain Camp is a place where

You can get your brain in tip-top shape and ready for today’s world.
Where you can discover how to use a lot more of your brain’s potential.

You can discover more effective problem-solving and creative thinking skills.
Where your thinking can become more elegant and precise.
Thinking from the executive levels of your brain rather than operating solely by the lower levels is Executive Thinking.
Engaging in the highest quality of thinking you can do.
Truly and actually thinking rather than being on automatic.
It’s thinking that creates solutions, that’s productive, and that makes life more both effective and efficient.
While we all think, we do not all think equally well. Some people are great thinkers. They come up with new ideas that change the world. They invent new products that improve the quality of lives. They create new businesses and possibilities. They are executive thinkers.
Most people are not! Though “thinking” seems so natural, inevitable, and effortless—many do not do it very well? How could thinking go wrong? How could one not think? Probably most people are poor thinkers—lazy thinkers, sloppy thinkers, muddled thinkers. Just listen to them! They are vague, imprecise, convoluted, and wrong-headed about lots of things! Many avoid engaging in real thinking.
Real thinking — is unnatural, it has to be learned, and it is work. Thinking that is real, precise, accurate, of high quality and that makes a difference in the world is a studied discipline. It is “disciplined thinking that’s clearly, rational, open-minded, precise, informed by evidence, and reflective.” Are you ready for that?


Here’s what you are in for when you come to Brain Camp

Day 1: Your Life as a Thinker

Discover how you are designed to think, how thinking begins and how we are also wired to stop thinking and go on automatic. Discover what real thinking actually is and how you can tell. Learn the distinctions in the thinking–emoting circuit, how to update your thinking and keep it fresh, how to detect cognitive distortions and biases. Develop cognitive reserve for being mentally vigorous and alive. Learn the foundational thinking skills to become a great thinker!

Day 2: Getting Ready to Really Think

Experience three patterns to break through rigid thinking which cause one to get stuck— Unlearning, Unplugging Buttons, and Debugging your System. Then with a new level of response flexibility, discover how to use all of your brain, not only dance forward but up to higher thinking skills which will release all sorts of new resourceful states. Discover how to take good care of your brain.

Day 3: Thinking Executively

Discover the highest set of thinking skills and how they are related to the executive functions in your neo-cortex and prefrontal lobes. Experience the thinking management of running your beliefs and intentions, and building up inspirational meanings, mindfulness, and problem-solving skills and become a truly executive thinker, the CEO in charge of your mind-body system. Discover how to exercise in your Prefrontal Gym.

Thinking is the most fundamental thing that you do. In fact, everything in your life is a function of the quality of your thinking— communicating, self-awareness, making decisions, getting along with others, choosing your career, enjoying your work, taking care of your health and fitness, learning to be your best self and unleash your potentials. Everything.

So when you go to Brain Camp and learn to become a clear, precise, and inspirational thinker— you can improve the quality of your life a hundred-fold.

WHEN: 25-27 October 2021 (3-Days)

WHERE: Orange NSW.

COST: $1199

TIME: 9am-5pm

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