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How do your groups function in the workplace? Are they performing at their best or is there internal conflict and personality clashes? Your operation will dramatically improve with our Group and Team Coaching program. Through empowering team coaching, your team(s) will become aligned to their goals, organisational vision and customer value.

  • Teams require skillful and collaborative planning
  • ‘We must become the change we want to see’
  • Our Team Coaching starts with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers

  • Our service is guaranteed to enhance your business results and you will be able to find our fee within your business improvements, or your coaching is free!
  • We guarantee a personal and professional approach with proven methodologies to build business success!

Our Team Performance Services Include

Effective and Productive Groups

Group & Team Coaching works to enable people to understand the importance of cooperation and develop the skills to do so. Otherwise there will be a great waste of human capital of intelligence and creativity. This is where a Group Coach can interactively facilitate a group to learn howto communicate with each other so that there is precision and clarity. This is not easy, that’s why a well-trained Coach is needed.

Reduction of Conflict and Dysfunction

In addition to straightening out and cleaning up the language of people, a Group Coach also facilitates the ability of a group to face and work through conflicts in a respectful and effective way. This also is not easy. It can be quite demanding. Yet if a manager, or business owner, spends a lot of your time settling conflicts and misunderstandings, if managers have to deal with the political maneuvers of keeping secrets, undermine another’s success or reputation, gossiping, playing favorites, etc., then you also know that
the group (or organization) will not be operating at its optimal best.

When we consider all of the ways that people in groups can be ineffective and can create stress and problems for each other, it’s a wonder that any group is very effective. Group & Team Coaching offers business the chance to enable people to work more effectively with each other by confronting the issues, by talking about “the 500 pound guerilla” that’s in the room, and
working through the differences. This typically means facilitating people to change their neuro-semantics about “conflict” and “differences” and then develop the skills for being curious, respectful, responsible, and open to correction. Only then can a group become truly effective and productive in getting results. And isn’t that what companies are in business for?

United Efforts

Because there are many different kinds of groups- there will be differences in the Group & Team Coaching. At the highest level is the executive team. Yet most often the term “team” is more of a label rather than a description. Take each of the individual senior managers apart and ask them about the vision and values of the group, and you’ll probably get as many answers as you have individuals. Is it any wonder then that the overall group isn’t aligned, focused, and integrated?
Then there are all sorts of department groups and inter-department groups.And are they any more unified?

There are also work groups- projects, committees, quality control circles, etc. These are groups which have been commissioned to accomplish a specific
outcome, to get a specific result. And again, the inner fighting, politicking, and vying for either control, influence, status, budget, resources, etc. is a frequent occurrence.

Unleashing Group & Team Potentials

When groups and teams work effectively together, they can achieve great things-achievements greater than what any individual can do alone or apart from the group. Further, an effective thinking and learning team will be smarter (more intelligent) than the most intelligent individual. By such collective thinking, learning, and deciding, we not only unleash potentials but attain a higher intelligence. To facilitate this, groups need to be safe, inclusive, empowering of members, respectful, fun, effective, and unleashing the highest and best in all.

Create a Warm and Welcoming Social Context

Groups in organizations, associations, government, and everywhere are social entities and the quality and feel and mood of the group establishes the group’s culture. So Group & Team Coaching is an excellent methodology for renewing, rejuvenating, and empowering an organization’s culture. And when there is a warm and welcoming culture wherein people work- people will want to be there, want to be a part, take more personal responsibility, and enjoy the experience. That will improve their learning and development. It will create a team-spirit in the Organization. And all of that will improve retention of the best people in the Organisation. And all of that will improve the bottom-line of the business.

Unleash greater Creativity and Innovation

To stay current in today’s market, every organization that wants to be on the cutting-edge has to be a learning organization and that means that the communication system within the business has to be fluid, quick, and accurate. That enables people to be “in the know” and trusted to handle the information and activities in the organization. In this way Group & Team Coaching improves the groups within a business to be more creative and then more effective in innovating new products and services.

Other services available

  • Group and Team Coaching
  • Releasing Employee Engagement
  • HR Coaching & Consulting (Employee relations, performance management consulting, etc.)
  • Leadership, Team and Organisational Diagnostic Solutions and Support Services
  • Organisational Development and Change Management Implementation
  • Axis of Change- Sustainable Change
  • Sales Coaching & Training – including in-house training & high performance sales framework methodology
  • Team Profiling
  • Project Management and Implementation
  • Executive Coaching – Executives & Managers
  • Leadership Coaching – Executives, Team Leaders
  • Management Coaching – Managers
  • Transformational Management

Developmental Coaching and Training

Shawn Dwyer is a developmental coach. His credentials include extensive experience as an;

  • an Internationally Certified Group and Team Coach
  • Associate Certified Meta-Coach, to unleash your highest potential
  • a Certified Lean Six Sigma Business Improvement Specialist, to strategically build better organisations by design
  • and an Internationally Licensed Neuro Semantics Trainer, to support, educate and certify your people to be the best they can be

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