Leadership Services

Services for International Certified Leadership, Self-Actualisation and Meta-Coach Training Programs
National Certified Training Programs (various industries)
Personal Developmental Coaching Programs
Business Coaching and Mentoring Programs
Lean Business Advisor and strategic Implementation Expert
Group and Team Coaching Programs
Leadership Mentoring and Supervision customised for business people at all stages of work
Guest Speaker on local business and humanistic psychology
Regular networking events for interested local businesses with guest speakers to discuss current business issues.
Training Room Hire in the heart of Orange CBD

Business Services

Business Start-up strategies for success
Growth Strategies for Existing Business
Social Media
Training for all levels of business
Food Safety and compliance
Logistics and Lean fulfilment stream
Manufacturing Expert
Business Plan Development
Marketing & Social Media
Industry Compliance
Business Structures
Financial Management
Employing staff including referrals to traineeship / apprenticeship providers
Importing and Exporting from our region
Government Regulations
Industry best practices and much more

Our experience includes over 30 years business experience in the local area, and internationally. We hold connections throughout regional NSW, capital cities and many clients overseas for exportation. We support companies who desire to gain the best possible advice and leadership programs to sustain their business and human potential. A conversation with us keeps you in the drivers seat and allows you to understand how value and profit can increase in your business. Contact us today on 0439194323