Unleashing Leadership Potential

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3-Days 7,8,9 February, 2020

The Call for Leadership: Leaders who can unleash the highest and best in people for adapting to the changes that are required to be effective and productive.
• Are you that kind of a leader?
• Would you like to be?


The Leadership Challenge

We need a new kind of leader who can handle the challenges of leadership. After all, leadership is not for the faint-of-heart! Leadership is not a walk in the park, it is not for those who are of low energy, low intelligence, low patience, low passion, or low empathy. Leadership of the kind and quality of self-actualizing leadership is a challenge to who you are, what you can do, and your sense of destiny.

  • Leaders define reality, pioneer a new future, and create a creative tension of a vision and possibility for a better future.
  • Leaders influence people by unleashing their powers and potentials to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

What is Unleashing Leadership?

Self-Actualizing Leaders: Then, as an enlightened leader, we can develop a whole new kind of leader— self-actualizing leaders. We need men and women who are themselves growing, creative, caring, engaged, effective, and passionate about a meaningful vision. The day of the authoritarian command-and-control leader is over. Today we need leaders who can build organizations (groups, communities, firms, companies, etc.) which fit with the highest in human nature that brings out the very best of people.
Training Design:
As you step up to this higher level of enlightened or self-actualizing leadership— our focus in this workshop is on
• Identifying self-actualization and what it means to be a self-actualizing leader.
• Coaching to unleash your potentials as a leader, to develop the core competencies of your kind and level of leadership.
• Coaching you on the Meaning and Performance axes so that you synergize your highest meanings with your best performances and move to the Self-Actualization Quadrant.
• Specifying the mechanisms of Change Leadership—the processes by which leaders can actually lead the minds and hearts of people in changing business and culture.
Unleashing Leadership is the call for Leadership: We need good leaders—leaders who care about people. Leaders who lead the highest and best in people. And Leaders who are enlightened enough to be effective and transformative in dealing with real live people. Leaders who can unleash the highest and best in people for adapting to the changes that are required to be effective and productive.
• Are you that kind of a leader?
• Would you like to be?

Where Does This Training Take You?

This training will give you the skills to develop as an effective leader in every context of your life. You will develop a robust sense of your leadership identity and embody the skills and attitudes necessary to lead and inspire others. We then look at applying these skills and aptitudes in the broader arenas of leadership to create Self-Actualising families, companies, organisations and communities If you want to make a real difference in the world, to create and inspire positive change – no matter where – then this is the transformative training that teaches you how. Unleashing Leadership is the essential training for ‘C suite’ executives, management professionals of all levels and all those involved in creating organisational and political change. It’s also the ideal course for teachers, community leaders, educators and family leaders.
What is it and what are the inner processes of leading?

Workshop Structure and Objectives

1) Identify the paradigm shift that leads to Self-Actualizing Leaders.
2) Identify your leadership domain: your level, dimension, and kind of leadership.
3) Build a customize Matrix model of your Leadership.
4) Elicit your meanings for unleashing hidden potentials as you design your best Leadership Matrix.

Day One:

– Key variable about leadership
– The meaning of leadership and the meanings you bring
– Self-actualising leadership – getting the psychology right
– Enlightened leadership – beyond Theory X to Theory Y and Z
– 7 qualities of self-actualising leaders
– Synergising leadership Meaning and Performance

Day Two:

– Your personalised Leadership Matrix
– Your best leadership states
– Emotional resonance as a leader
– Your best leadership powers
– Core competencies of leadership
– Leadership relational skills
– Your unique leadership identity

Day Three:

– The culture of a self-actualising company
– Leading a self-actualising company or organisation
– Seeking the peak – a self-actualisation business model

Program Benefits:

– Develop your personal Self-Actualising Leadership Matrix
– Become an enlightened leader. Lead with integrity and humanness
– Discover your unique ‘leadership identity’
– Be a transformational leader, respected and admired by all
– Develop effective strategies and lead with authenticity and vision
– Take your leadership skills to the next level Here’s what happens:
– The Axis of Leadership ISNS courses are run in over 40 countries across every continent. This course has helped thousands of people from all walks of life because no matter where you are today, you have untapped potential and I will show you how to access it. Everyone gets value from this course.

Recent Testimonials

Elizabeth Vasquez – NLP Practitioner
Content is transformational. You can not leave this course the same way you came in!
Moana Whatu – Relationships Australia Team Leader
Today I can say after 3 days I have more understanding about my role as a leader in myself. Shawn has very good knowledge and understanding of this material and because of this he inspires me to learn more towards being a better leader. I love how this material can be applied to my life not just employment. You Rock!!

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