Professional Communication Skills

The Art and Skill Of Effectively and Professionally Communicating.
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Professional Communication Essentials. This course is for Managers, Senior Managers, HR Managers, Business Owners and Leaders who need to mentor and coach their teams. It teaches them the psychology behind human communication. There are 7 core skills which we get into: Listening, Supporting, Questioning, Meta-Questioning, Inducing state, Receiving Feedback, Giving feedback. We also cover several ’structured thinking strategies’ which are basic NLP patterns. We explain what Meta-Programs are and everyone identifies their own Meta-Program style. One of the great take aways is a conversational model called the “Well-Formed-Oucome” Model. This is a series of structures questions to ask during a conversation to mobilize the person to find an outcome to a current challenge or problem. This workshop is four Days and is the introduction workshop to all the Neuro-Semantics pathway trainings. It is therefore Module 1 of the Coaching Pathway for those wanting to obtain ‘Meta-Coaching’ qualification. It is also part one of two, of the Meta-NLP Practitioner.
This training is beneficial for all Middle to Senior Management, in particular those requiring to improve people skills and communications skills. This training is not the normal run-of-the-mill training most training companies offer for ‘communication skills’. That is because of the level of NLP technology we share with participants. We don’t just ‘teach’ behaviors, we teach ‘thinking strategies’ that allow people to study the ‘process’ of communication and not only the content.
Learn models, distinctions and concepts at the cutting edge of personal development. This course is for the unleashing of new potentials within yourself and for deeply connecting with others!
You’ll graduate from the 3-day internationally recognised Professional Communication Skills with the benefits of:
– Powerful techniques for understanding, giving meaning to and shaping behaviour through sensory based and non judgemental feedback
– Developing a robust and self empowering way of being in the world
– Communication skills for deeply understanding and relating to other people of all ages
– Understanding the structure of human development
– Learn an advanced communication model to understand how we all communicate
– Leading edge listening skills for the seeming magic of hearing what is not being said
– Supporting and rapport skills for creating business, inter and intra-personal success
– Fundamental psychologies of coaching
– Persuasion and influencing skills for leading yourself and others to achieve personal goals
– Transformational feedback skills
– Engage the higher levels of mind
– Practise the precision questioning model for specificity and getting to the heart of profound change.
– Build resilience, and skills to control your own states of mind!

Framing can happen at various levels

We define various levels at which meanings occur. Hence, there are various levels experience gets framed at. Among these:
1. Representational framing: Our experience of the world begins by representing it, by bringing what’s “out there” inside on the theater of our minds. We know that representing an experience differently result in a different experience
2. Cinematic framing: It’s not the content of the representation that matters, but also how it is represented. Fine-tuning the representation VAK features or “sub-modalities” can give it an entirely different meaning
3. Linguistic framing: We describe the world in words. Words have that magical effect of capturing an experience and abstracting and classifying it into a category
4. Evaluative framing: By classifying an experience using words, we have the opportunity to evaluate it. We frame it as good, bad, fun, dull, safe, dangerous, etc
5. Associative framing: We do associate feelings to the representation, here’s another way we frame the experience: Pleasurable, painful, desirable, etc
6. Perceptual framing: Our perceptual filters (meta-programs) govern our experiences and sorts out elements of the experience accordingly
7. Metaphorical framing: We view and express our experiences in an analogous way
8. Intentional framing: Whenever we have a representation we have an intention frame about that representation.
And the list extends beyond these levels…

What Are The Results

– Superior interpersonal skills, with the ability in taking charge of one’s own life direction
– Ultimately unleashing your highest potential for life!
– Developing self acceptance and acceptance of others
– Accelerate your own personal performance through applying to self first
– Emotional and Cognitive Intelligence
– State management for a higher quality of life
– Own the tools and confidence to produce peak performance and motivation
– Step above content to the structure of your problems and challenges to be able to see processes in motion by thinking systemically.
– This will help you find the leverage points for learning, insight, resources and change as you detect higher level patterns and quickly invite new insights, understandings and awareness.
– Develop personal confidence, have more fun, and appreciate life!

Who Should Attend This Program?

Professional Communication Skills are for people that are passionate about supporting others in making permanent positive change, and who want to be at the forefront of human development.
As you learn the very structure of human communication and development, you’ll gain a practical guide to acknowledge the way people communicate, learn and change so that you can communicate for more complete and sustainable solutions. You’ll use incredible techniques to bring about positive and profound life change.
Ask us how this fits your continuing professional development.


Our recent testimonies are from participants who live around the Central Western Region of NSW.

Jessica Gough Jespresso
“People with higher emotional intelligence find it easier to form and maintain interpersonal relationships and to ‘fit in’ to group situations.
For me having a higher emotional intelligence will make me better at understanding my own psychological state, which can include managing stress effectively and being less likely to suffer. Doing the activities with Shawn has made me understand effective listening, therefore I can later use these skills to engage with future customers.I have a greater understanding of meta-states and in particular emotional intelligence.”

Julia Learson
The understanding I gained was huge in impact while at the same time so simple. This course helped me by providing frameworks, logic, data, historical and empirical evidence.
Shawn engaged throughout the 3 days, this was quite an achievement, with intense learning, matching my need for lots of information. I was never patronised, yet supported, creating value and interest. Personal coaching was excellent! I have learnt that I am already who I need to be. I am good enough, in fact, I’m awesome!

Janette Watson Jannei
“Great time, very inclusive and informative – unlocked some blocks, learnt some things to work on and aid me in the future”

Nikki Cortes Quality Child Minding
“I will immediately use reframing and now understand how mind reading specifically works. Very informative and very self reflective information, I learnt alot!”

Christian Kapitzke
“The most impactful part of this course was having to think about what other people say so there’s no mis-communication. This course has helped me to communicate better and has shown me people communicate in different ways.”

Thomas Bollard
“The most useful part of this course for me was learning the steps to achieve getting my goals in life. This course has given me skills that I’ll use to improve my quality of life.”

Wade Martin
“There is no failure, only feedback of information. This course has gave me better communication skills which leads to a better life”

Stephen Waller IT Professional Mudgee
“I will use this immediately for working towards a great life. I had an enjoyable experience with Shawn”

Maria S – Retired Teacher and Anthropologist
“This course awakened me to possibilities I didnt know existed!”

Jessica.W Kmart Australia
“I am doing more stuff for me and putting myself first for a change. I am working harder to get the job that I want and think of doing another course on top of the one i am currently doing. I am seeing life clearer”

Darrin Yates Western Region Sport and Recreation Division
“The tools that Shawn provides through his training are effective and empowering. Shawn’s enthusiasm for the content is very catching”

Debra Coleman – The Dog Lady Dog Training
“Shawn is very passionate about this subject with boundless enthusiasm. He lives and breathes the Meta-NLP and can help you transform you life (be it personal or professional), thankyou Shawn.”

Chris Lawry – Avondale
“The past three days have been life changing, I would recommend a course with Shawn Dwyer to anyone wishing to further their personal development.”

Sam Kay Nestle
“Thoroughly enjoyed the three days. I found out alot of things validated my thoughts and education in the field. It has given me some great insights into the field. Personally I found this course aligns with my thoughts and ideas which excites me as I feel I am on the right path to becoming a very effective coach, Thankyou”

Phil Ainsworth Greater Western Area Health
“It reinforced more modern terms, confidence and goals, enriching. I found Shawn sincere in his approach and very enthusiastic which rubbed off on me.”

Melissa Steedman – Bissy Cafe
“I enjoyed every moment of the program because of the way we all interacted with each other in a very comfortable, open and supportive environment”

Libbee Crisp Blayney Centrepoint Sport & Leisure Manager
“This program has helped me to not only ask questions for myself, but to know “how” to ask others questions to inspire a persons thinking and realise the power of their own thoughts and capabilities, I feel inspired!”

Kayla Rossiter Bissy Cafe Manager
“This training helped me to communicate better with family, friends, partner and colleagues”

Jake Fox Monkey Bean
“Learning different aspects on communicating with different people has inspired me to proceed with further study”

Full Program Details

1. Learn the art of being truly present to another
Learn presuppositions to empower the quality of your life
Understand and use the acclaimed communication model.
Gather how you make your world a delight or a disaster in mind.
See how you delete, generalise and distort information in your world.
Get how your state of mind-body-emotion has you and dictates the quality of your life.
Can you master your reactions and choose your responses to yourself, others and the world?
Watch eye chatter and listen with skill through calibration.
Find and rate your listening skills with our unique “listening benchmarks”.

2. Learn the skill of supporting others
Learn how to gain instant rapport
See how to meet people in their world; people like people, like themselves…
Develop deep connections through familiarisation.
The Neuro Semantics Self actualising model
Understand the language preferences of you and others.
Professional Communication Skills course helps you to step into wisdom as you learn the multiple perspectives of reality.
Find and rate your supporting skills on our unique “supporting benchmarks”.

3. Learn and grow your emotional intelligence (EI) through state management mastery
Learn state management 101.
Learn the tools and confidence to produce peak performing states in yourself and others that you connect with.
Learn state accessing, elicitation and anchoring skills.
Find and rate your state induction skills on our unique “state induction benchmarks”.

4. Learn precision questioning- great questions are great questions!
Understand how to give and receive feedback in sensory awareness
Introducing the Meta-Model for closing the map-territory gap.
Free your thinking; learn how there are multiple levels in language.

5. Discover specific questions and their effects for power and meaningfulness.
Understand well formed conversations for outstanding clarity.
Find and rate your questioning skills on our unique “questioning benchmarks”.

6. Learn to detect how you and others think
Defining Meta-Programs (perception filters).
The 60 Meta-Program template & Meta-Program mastery.
Discover the programs that you hold in mind
Learn how to change Meta-Programs.

Course Fees

Professional Communication Skills – Module 1 of the Meta Coach System®

Location: Orange
When: 8.30am start 15th September, 2017
9am-5pm 3 days, Friday 15th to Sunday 17th Ssptember 2017
Up until the 1st of September the Early Bird Rate is Only $495

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After the 1st of September the Standard Rate is Only $695

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Up until the 1st of September the Early Bird Rate is Only $495
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Training Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with the training by noon of the first day, you can ask for a refund and it will be completely refund except for $30 AUD for administrative costs. There will be no refunds after the first day.

*Courses are subject to minimum numbers of attendees


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