Meta-NLP Practitioner Certification

Would you like to be highly influential and acquire the skills of a NLP Practitioner?
Internationally Certified NLP Practitioner Program – Are you ready to live your highest and best potentials?
Starts 15th-17th December 2019 (Part 1 – 3-Days)
Starts 3rd-6th January 2020 (Part 2 – 4-Days)


WHEN: Starts 15th-17th December (Part 1 – 3-Days)
Starts 3rd-6th January (Part 2 – 4-Days)

WHERE: The Coaching Centre 212 Anson St Plaza Shop 15, Orange NSW.

COST: 1697

TIME: 9am-5pm

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    International Certification With Meta-NLP Practitioner

    This comprehensive and exciting NLP Practitioner training course is guaranteed to help you understand a broad range of powerful tools, techniques, verbal and non-verbal communication skills that you can build into your life right away to either help yourself, or other people to achieve mastery in any area of their personal or professional life.
    The NLP Certification program is crafted by leading edge practitioners with a specific focus on helping you discover your most effective self. Packed full of pragmatic application that can be used to break unwanted habits and limiting beliefs, build confidence and create powerful lasting behaviours. The skills we teach at NLP Practitioner level can be practically applied in areas such as business, sports, education, coaching, therapy or even just for your own personal growth.
    NLP Practitioner training has attracted international interest for guiding a life changing journey of learning, change, self-discovery and personal development.

    Throughout this course, you will learn how to;

    • Become an influential and inspirational communicator
    • Use NLP for setting goals, outcomes and life coaching
    • Become competent at reading non-verbal communications
    • Increase your sensory acuity and (un)conscious awareness
    • Master your thinking and take control of your emotional states
    • Understand fears, anxieties and other destructive emotions
    • Develop strategies for making better values based decisions
    • Develop strong personal and professional relationships
    • Envision success, create success and achieve lasting results
    • Modify undesired behaviours in yourself and other people
    • Efficiently extract and elicit information from others
    • And much more …


    Take your Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certified Practitioner level with this life transforming course that’ll guide you through the process from appreciating the basics, to fully understanding the principles and practices that are used by professional experts all around the world. Unlock your full potential with our internationally recognised Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner training.
    The Coaching Centre’s NLP Practitioner Certification training offers you traditional and grounded NLP Practitioner training, aswell as Neuro-Semantic (NS) Practitioner certification that includes NLP, new distinctions, strategies, understandings and models. And this includes the world re-known model by our trainer Dr L.Michael Hall, The Meta-States Model.
    Neuro-Semantics is the Worlds Most Advanced Models and Technology for Human Development!
    Classic definitions of Neuro Linguistic Programming is;
    – A model of communication.
    – An attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.
    – Yet, NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience.
    – Therefore, NLP is a methodology for modeling and replicating excellence.

    3 International Certifications in one; NLP Practitioner, Neuro Semantic Practitioner, and Level 1 Meta Coaching Certification – all in the one introductory NLP training program.

    While offering Australia’s most cost effective 8-day face-to-face fully accredited Meta-NLP Practitioner Certification which means a higher quality of life!

    Why The Coaching Centre?

    Our Perspective
    We sense that people choose The Coaching Centre for numerous reasons. For some people we are the first company they happen to come across that offers what they think they are looking for.
    For others they choose us based on the cost, we offer one of the worlds most current and effective NLP practitioner trainings at what is probably the best price available in Australia, compared with other mainstream 8 day face to face programs! Retailing at some 45% below our nearest competitors.

    NLP Practitioner

    Meta-NLP Practitioner Certification is a natural way to improve your personal leadership skills. Learn models and strategies face-to-face with the internationally recognised and experienced Licensed NLP Trainer, Shawn Dwyer.
    Because deeper change can be achieved by learning whole new skills. Are you ready to develop new skills?
    Engage a deep sense of connection to everything that stands for a higher quality of life.
    Most of all, learn the simplest way to create change and be guided with exact steps for improved skill based behaviour.
    Also embrace a new experience of who you are as a person and what you are doing in your life.
    The Coaching Centre is an Internationally Accredited NLP (Practitioner and Master Practitioner) and Neuro-Semantic (NS) training provider with focus on people development and self-actualisation.


    Most noteworthy our NLP Practitioner Certification is the only authorised and verified NLP Practitioner program to hold international accreditation and credentialed under the auspices of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) and the Australian Board of NLP (ABNLP).

    Where is the Meta-NLP Practitioner certification program delivered?

    This training will run in regional New South Wales in the splendid heritage wine region of Orange, NSW and delivered fully by an Internationally Licensed NLP Trainer. Furthermore Orange has daily flights from Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, making this training highly accessible throughout all of Australia.

    Models Included in NLP Practitioner

    In conclusion Neuro-Semantic Practitioner is just the beginning to increase the quality of your life! You will learn;
    The NLP Communication Model
    How Meta-Modalities work
    And The Meta-Model Linguistic Model
    Meta-program Model
    Milton Model
    The Meta-States Model
    The Strategy Model
    Finally, The Time-Line Model

    And more!


    Elizabeth Vasquez Meta-NLP Practitioner Participant
    This course and the practical demonstrations have been life changing, my life has improved by learning how to choose another healthier way of thinking and behaving which will allow me to be the best version of me!
    I have had so many breakthroughs during the practical sessions that I have been able to put them into practice instantly!
    As a person who hoped to be a coach, I have realised that all the info in this course is far more valuable for my own life by understanding my frames and meta models.

    Phillip Ainsworth Enrolled Nurse – GWAHS
    I have improved my capacity to concentrate when speaking to others. My confidence has gone from a 5 out of 10 to a 7 out of 10 and with practice I will become a 9 or 10.

    Monica Perizzolo – Massage Therapist
    The most impactful thing about this course is learning how to apply the information to myself and therefore others. I have already started using what I have learnt. I feel that I have already changed – changed in my thinking towards myself and the immediate people around me. This is only the beginning

    Anne Smart – Clinical Registered Nurse Supervisor and Consultant – GWAHS
    This training offers me ‘so much’ more potential to personally find greater growth in my life and experience fully, new ways to communicate effectively

    Brenden Savage – Centennial Coal Supervisor
    “The Coaching Centre has amazing content and excellent facilitators to take your life to the next level; Giving you tools to be ‘your best’. If you want more out of life get in touch with The Coaching Centre today. It will be the best decision of your life!”

    Who Should Attend?

    • Anyone who wants an in-depth personal or professional development experience.
    • NLP Practitioners commonly consist of educators, parents, therapists, counsellors, business, sales and health care professionals, individuals from all walks of life who want to focus on achieving greater results.
    • This NLP Practitioner training will best serve those who want to participate in a live NLP Practitioner, or NLP Master Practitioner attendance based course.
    • This course is designed specifically for students who are looking for a certified professional coaching qualification.
    • Experienced coaches or people looking to build a career in coaching (the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner qualifications are often sought after by prospective coaching clients).
    • Therapists who wish to compliment their skills with NLP Techniques and Processes.
    • Existing NLP Practitioners or Master Practitioners who wish to revise and refine their NLP skills.

    Download This Extensive 9 Page PDF

    This 9 page presentation, highlights all the benefits of NLP and a complete course overview in an easy format that you or your team will understand.
    Complete the form to download your copy including:
    – Course Summary
    – The NLP Course Curriculum
    – Client Testimonials
    – Prices and Trainer Bios
    For a limited time we’re giving away a 1 hour coaching session valued at $200 – download your copy.

    • Imagine The Life You Deserve And Loving Every Minute Of It

    Finally, The Coaching Centre is an Internationally Accredited (NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner) and Neuro-Semantic (NS) training provider with focus on people development and self-actualisation.

    Was NLP All About Framing From The Beginning?

    If NLP is the study of subjective experience, then it is about what makes our experiences different, idiosyncratic, individual, and particular. We know that even those who share the same content of an event may experience it differently, possibly very differently, in such a way that makes it seem like they’re experienced different events. In other words, they’re framed differently. I will attempt to explore the premise of NLP being all about framing, merely scratching the surface of the subject..

    Framing Can Happen At Various Levels

    In Neuro-Semantics we define various levels at which meanings occur. Hence, there are various levels experience gets framed at. Among these:
    1. Representational framing: Our experience of the world begins by representing it, by bringing what’s “out there” inside on the theater of our minds. We know that representing an experience differently result in a different experience
    2. Cinematic framing: It’s not the content of the representation that matters, but also how it is represented. Fine-tuning the representation VAK features or “sub-modalities” can give it an entirely different meaning
    3. Linguistic framing: We describe the world in words. Words have that magical effect of capturing an experience and abstracting and classifying it into a category
    4. Evaluative framing: By classifying an experience using words, we have the opportunity to evaluate it. We frame it as good, bad, fun, dull, safe, dangerous, etc
    5. Associative framing: We do associate feelings to the representation, here’s another way we frame the experience: Pleasurable, painful, desirable, etc
    6. Perceptual framing: Our perceptual filters (meta-programs) govern our experiences and sorts out elements of the experience accordingly
    7. Metaphorical framing: We view and express our experiences in an analogous way
    8. Intentional framing: Whenever we have a representation we have an intention frame about that representation.
    And the list extends beyond these levels…