Figuring Out People


meta-programs reveal how we may vary our own behaviours and communications to become more successful in relating to and changing our own, and other people’s, behaviours and models of the world.


Meta-programs reveal how we may vary our own behaviours and communications to become more successful in relating to and changing our own, and other people’s, behaviours and models of the world. Figuring Out People, is a face to face or an online program covering the Meta States Model and the Meta Programs Model that allows you to understand human behaviour and human differences. We provide you with material, videos and examples of the amazing world of meta-programs.
The quality of your life is a function of the quality of your meanings. To enrich the quality of your life, you have to take ownership of the meanings that you create to operate from richer and more robust meanings, meanings that serve you well.

So What are Meta-Programs?

Meta-Programs are the “programs” we use in our mind-body system to input and process information. They operate at a level meta to our content thinking and so refer to the sorting devices we use in perceiving, paying attention to things, and inputting and processing stimuli. They are programs that run other programs. Meta-programs describe our attitude and orientation toward various contexts and situations.

Meta-States Model

In the Meta-States model, state upon state generates multiple kinds of systemic interfaces. This systemic processing sets up feedback and feed forward processes that are recursive and iterative, resulting in a self-organizing system.
The Meta-States Model maps the structure of self-reflexivity and describes how the layering of states upon states (thoughts and feelings about thoughts and feelings) creates the so-called “logical levels” and the higher level understandings and perceptions about things.

The layering of state upon state in Meta-States also provides an inherent “apply to self” dynamic within the model encouraging congruency and integrity of those who practice the model.

Who should attend this program?

Figuring Out People is for anyone who is passionate about supporting themself and others in making permanent positive change, and who want to be at the forefront of human development.
As you learn the very structure of development, you’ll gain a practical guide to acknowledge the way people communicate, learn and change so that you can communicate for more complete and sustainable solutions. You’ll use incredible techniques to bring about positive and profound life change.
Ask us how this fits your continuing professional development.
*Courses are subject to minimum numbers of attendees

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Aaron Burkett
Before my first session I had difficulty with habitual unwise decision making. After my second session I’ve had multiple challenges to this and have had personal successes with each event that has arisen.

Brenden Savage – Centennial Coal Supervisor
The Coaching Centre has amazing content and excellent facilitators to take your life to the next level; Giving you tools to be ‘your best’. If you want more out of life get in touch with The Coaching Centre today. It will be the best decision of your life!

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