Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence


Learn how to use emotional intelligence to increase self-awareness and self-management in the workplace. This will help you manage successful relationships with your colleagues and be a more confident and effective leader. Unleash Your Full Potentials For Emotional Vitality 2nd February 9am-4pm


Learn how to develop and use emotional intelligence over the experiences that are out of your awareness with effective emotional intelligence. Unleash Your Potentials For Emotional Vitality,

Through this course you will benefit significant freedom in yourself from;

  • Develop and use emotional intelligence with freedom over the experiences and stuckness that is now holding you back in life
  • Gain clarity to manage your state and your mind in new ways for an abundant life, leaving unresourceful states in the past
  • Furthermore engage in how emotional intelligence works through self reflexive consciousness and high quality state management skills
  • Additionally we guarantee you gain more awareness for life through seeing, going, sharing and checking in how you view the world through our transformative activities
  • Also understand the mind-body-emotion communication model for higher quality meanings in life
  • Develop a full sense of ownership over your life with personal confidence
  • Especially relevant is to Feel how you can hold healthy responsibility for yourself and getting along with others
  • So learn how to deeply enjoy life more
  • Identify the impact of own emotions on others in the workplace
  • Recognise and appreciate the emotional strengths and weaknesses of others
  • Promote the development of emotional intelligence in others
  • Utilise emotional intelligence to maximise team outcomes

Develop And Use Emotional Intelligence In This One Day Program

Course Location: The Coaching Centre, Shop 15, 212 Anson St Plaza, Orange, NSW

Course Run Time: 9.00am – 4:30pm

Reserve your place by booking online or by contacting the Coaching Centre on 0439 194 323 or

Emotional Intelligence

With individuals EQ means the following five distinctions

Emotional Awareness – aware of what you are thinking, feeling, saying to yourself, kinesthetics, body movements and gestures, etc.
Self Monitoring – able to monitor the ups and downs of thoughts and emotions, to monitor what triggers various responds, when and where and with whom one’s insides oscillates.
Emotional Management – able to manage or regulate the micro-behaviors of thinking, feeling, emoting, languaging, etc.
Emotional Relating and Connection – using one’s insides to connect with others, bond, understand, listen, care, set boundaries, empathize, etc.
Self-responsibility – willingness to accept ownership of the inside dimension, and to choose one’s thoughts, feelings, words, etc.

Who should attend?

Emotional Intelligence 1 Day Program is for anyone who is passionate about supporting themself and others in making permanent positive change, and who want to be at the forefront of human evolution.

As you learn the very structure of Emotional Intelligence, you’ll gain a practical guide to acknowledge the way people observe, learn and change so that you can communicate for more complete and sustainable solutions. You’ll use incredible techniques to bring about positive and profound life change.

Ask us how this fits your continuing professional development.


Katja Ingham Tea Karts – Dubbo
Shawn does a great job at facilitating Emotional Intelligence. He is clear in his explanations and in his application to many different situations and examples. Emotional Intelligence will help me grow as a person as a professional and as a business owner!!

Lynette Wilson Mulyan Public School teacher
WOW!! Lots to learn. I love knowing that I am responsible to others but not for what they think, feel say and do. A big weight off my shoulders. I can be a new me.

Leanne Jones Walgett
An insightful way of looking at emotional states down to meta levels and how they can be approached, enhanced, altered and changed. A good way to look at personal and work interactions.

Lisa Nicholls Lithgow
Shawn has given me a greater understanding of EQ which was much larger than I expected

Nikki Cortes Quality Child Minding – Orange
Each time I attend a training I do take away something that I can relate to and are able to utilise. I feel a confidence boost after analysing situations that I relate to!

Steve Waller Mudgee Entrepreneur
Shawn has helped me to go to my potential

Sacha Whitehead – Artist and Writer – Dubbo
The training was very inspirational as I now re-assess my goals I will apply this knowledge

Phil Ainsworth – Orange
Great to re-enforce some skills and see others in a new light. Always learn something new and grow

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