The School Project

To create a way to make available to every school child the powerful communication and self-actualizing tools of General Semantics and Neuro-Semantics. The vision is that every child can take charge of him or herself – run his or her own brain, manage their states, and use their essential powers for becoming a developing and contributing person in their own right.


Raising Inspired Children

The School Project – Self Leadership For School Children

The School Project is the answer for children to develop cognitive, emotional and social development through practical, grounded application in their lives to become the best version of themself.
First of all, we are all people at heart and souls inside us. And a part of current curriculum learning is addressed without clear structure therefore the School Project provides the structure we need for growing up and waking up to be the best we can be.

What is important for the parents to know about what their children will be learning and developing?

So that their children grow through stages of development: cognitive, emotional, social development.
Designed to facilitate this psychological development so that they complete developmental stages and move on.
Direct learning’s are about how human beings function in a practical way— for learning, getting along with others, finding areas of talent and focusing there, listening, questioning, self-esteem, self-confidence, etc.

Why is it important for the children to participate in the Self-Leadership program?

Mostly, for self-leadership! Children can have 1 hour a week throughout the life of their time in school for dealing with the issues that govern how they manage and lead themselves. Self-Leadership is designed to enable a child to learn at a meta-level, that is meta-learning—
And children learning about how to learn.
Hence experiencing our learning about how to think and how to think about one’s thinking.
As a result learning about how to take charge of these mental powers.
In addition, learning about how to take charge of the emotional powers that are derived from them.
And all of this then leads to esteeming self as valuable as a person. Learning how to develop confidences in areas of talent. Understand how to get along with others. Fully own our personal responsibility. Finally, eliminate the need to bully or to be bullied, and much more.


The Licensed Trainer with many years experience as a trainer, coach and as a music teacher in Primary and Secondary schools, is Mr Shawn Dwyer.

The Vision

What is the vision of Self Leadership For School Children?

To create a way to make available to every school child the powerful communication and self-actualizing tools of General Semantics and Neuro-Semantics. The vision is that every child can take charge of him or herself – run his or her own brain, manage their states, and use their essential powers for becoming a developing and contributing person in their own right. The vision is to empower the next generation in the basic skills of being a healthy human being – a sense of having potentials, assessing their powers, not being a victim, learning effectively, choosing wisely, and be self-directed to find their best way through the world.

Children Receive

What changes can be expected in the behaviour / attitude of the children due to the program?

More focused attention at school on subjects.
Little internal distractions in the learners.
Less need to bully or be distractive to others.
More personal management or control of self.
More ability to find and develop one’s skills, less need for jealousy and putdowns.
More ability to listen attentively and ask good questions.

School Project - 12 grades

Neuro-Semantics (NS) What is it?

Neuro-Semantics is about your personal development for greater meaningfulness, success, and contribution in life. Neuro-Semantics originated from various fields including General Semantics.
In Neuro-Semantics we focus on the processes that will reliably unleash your highest and best potentials. We do that by enabling you to create the most enhancing and robust meanings that will then enable you to implement your best values into the actions that make up your performances. By modeling excellence in people who are actualizing their highest and best we continue to create new models.

Professional Endorsements

Mr Shawn Dwyer, ACMC Regional Director Meta-Coach Foundation® Australia Australian Representative on the International Society of Neuro Semantics® Director of The Coaching Centre Australia™ You receive high quality sensory based feedback to get to the heart of the matter in how you are holding your current way of being and as a person, I enable you to discover that and what you want and importantly how to get there. Meta-Coaching is built on an inter-disciplinary field, incorporating the models of Neuro-Semantics come from the field of the Cognitive Behavioral sciences, from Developmental Psychology, the neuro-sciences, General Semantics (GS), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Self Actualisation Psychology, Cognitive Linguistics, Cybernetics, and System Dynamics. The first and core model of Neuro-Semantics is the Meta-States Model developed in 1994 by L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. The Meta-States Model contributed to the NLP Model by the modelling of self-reflexive consciousness and has taken human functioning to a higher level of professional ethics.

Melanie Kearney – Kinesiology Practitioner Meta coaching has enabled me to facilitatie clients awareness to how their frames of thought translate to their physiological well being and/or illness that empowers them to take more control of their health & well-being.

Hendrik Schalen, MD, Specialist in Psychiatry
“As a communication model, Neuro Semantics gives great guidelines of how to ask questions, there are no such clear guidelines in any other models I know of. The precision of clarifying the clients map of the world is outstanding in Neuro Semantics. I think it is so helpful to identify the difference that makes the difference in the system. And that helps to manage the behaviours and symptoms of an individual diagnosis with depression and anxiety. System thinking or holistic thinking is necessary to do that.”

Abby Eagle – Hynotherapist
In working with addictions – Neuro Semantic Meta Coaching plays an important role in integrating the technology of NLP and hypnotherapy into a cohesive model that allows me to bring about rapid long term change with my clientele.

Dr. Bruce Grimley. B.Sc (Hons). M.Sc. Chartered Psychologist.
Accredited Master Executive Coach. Registered Psychotherapist. Master trainer in NLP. C.Psychol. AFBPsS. HCPC registered.

Irena-O’Brien PhD – Founder and Director of The Neuro Science School
Irena has written extensively about Meta-Coaching and has her own neuro-science school in the USA including material from Neuro-Semantics and Meta-Coaching

Dr Susie Linder-Pelz – Independent Researcher and Author on Coaching Methodologies Australia Meta-coaching: A methodology grounded in psychological theory, published on April 5, 2017. Susie has written extensively about Meta-Coaching for over 10 years.

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.- Neuro-Semantics Co-Founder
Meta-Coaching and Neuro-Semantics Executive Director Michael writes extensively about Meta-Coaching skills, meaning and behaviours and is the author of over 50 books. Michael writes weekly to over 3000 Meta-Coaches and 500 Trainers worldwide. Michael is a trainer of Meta-Coaching worldwide. Neuro-Semantic Meta-coaching programs are delivered by over 500 Trainers in over 50 countries in 2017.

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