Parent Coaching

How Working Parents Can Feel Less Overwhelmed and More in Control
Both parenting the children and being parented is about the meanings you bring to the experience and the meanings that the children experience.


How Working Parents Can Feel Less Overwhelmed and More in Control
State-of-the-Art Communication, Relationship and Leadership Skills Brought to the Field of Parenting
The Coaching Centre Parent Coaching goes beyond mere ‘techniques’ to handle your children.
Let’s face it. Parenting is one of the most challenging, rewarding, impactful jobs you’ll ever have. Not only is it 24/7 for years, but you do it in addition to and in conjunction with all the other things in your life; job, other relationships, business, recreation.

Lifetime Relationships And Parent Coaching

As a parent you are building a lifetime relationship during which you take on a multitude of roles. Taking the leadership, communication and relationship building skills that make high performance organizations successful, and adapting those skills to field of parenting is what makes this program unique.
Meaning is about understanding, comprehension, facts, perceptions, beliefs, etc. the better the meanings, the better our experience and our responses. You and I are meaning-makers. Meaning is whatever you “hold in mind” —that’s what the word means. As a meaning-maker, what you give meaning then defines and governs your experiences. It is or becomes your reality.
A person’s meanings can range from toxic, limiting, antiquated, trivial, conventional to enriching, empowering, passionate and so on.
>The Skills You Need to Keep Healthy As A Parent In Your Childs Life

Are you ready to finally learn new strategies for living your life with more focus, more grace, more power, more ease and more joy? You’ve got a lot to offer the world and we would love to help you unleash yourself to your fullest potential.
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The Benefits You’ll Gain From This Program

  • Alternative ways to replace habitual and counterproductive behaviors when facing conflict with your child
  • An awareness of what’s it’s like to be parented by you, from your child’s perspective…Great Insight!
  • Increased authenticity between you and your child, really get to see and know each other
  • Increased ability to create powerful rapport with employees, staff, colleagues
  • Reduced time spent dealing with conflicts and disagreements between children
  • A closer relationship with your children through a shared vision of your parenting outcomes
  • Free yourself from past parental baggage you may have inherited

What You Will Learn From This Program

It’s true that children don’t come with a user’s manual, but this program is the closest thing to a manual that you’ll find. It gives you effective communication and relationship building tools from the fields of NLP, NeuroSemantics, Integral Theory, and the latest developments in the Neurosciences. The same fields that businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs have been tapping into to improve the performance of their leaders, mangers, executives and employees.
• The Essential Key Understanding that will forever change the way you approach Parenting
• How to run your own brain so that YOU are in control of the Parenting Process
• How to Talk so your Children will Listen…How to Listen so your Children will Talk
• How to Respond to Issues rather than React to them…and why that distinction is crucial
• How to deal with Frustration and Anger, yours and theirs, in a way that empowers all of you and enhances your relationship
• How to create a foundation of solid Self-Esteem for your Child (and for you)
• The Difference between Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence…and which is the most important for your Children to Have
• The critical communication, leadership and relationship skills used in High Performing Organizations and how to incorporate them into your Parenting
• How to create a High Performing Relationship with your Children

Who This Program Is For?

• Parents who want to strengthen their relationship with their children
• Parents who are going through a challenging time with their children and want to rescue and rebuild the relationship
• Parents who know things could be better, but aren’t sure how to do it
• Parents who want to upgrade their parenting skills