Lean Operational Excellence and 5S

Adding value to your business is easier than you realise with The Coaching Centre. With international and local lean implementation and project experience, your improvement starts immediately. Executive coaching And lean business improvement is for business who want to gain high performance in their systems, culture and make a sustainable impact. We support improvement for operational, transactional and all service industries aswell as production operations.


Do you need to spread work out in a structured and effective way?
Are you close to burning out and holding too much responsibility on yourself?

The Coaching Centre And Lean 5S Business Excellence

The Coaching Centre experience in lean operational excellence spans over 20 years. Through a diverse range of industries our lean programs are designed to:

  • Increase Quality Performance Of Service And Products
  • Create Visibility Through Operations For Agility
  • Improve Company Culture For Higher Job Satisfcation
  • Reduce Delivery And Service Lead Times
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Maximise Business Value
  • Implement Lean Principles
  • Manage A Competitive Enterprise
  • Lead Lean Culture Improvement
  • Eliminate Operational Waste Through Lean Design
  • Stabilise, Standardise and Simplify Work
  • Improve Morale
  • Deliver Services And Products In Full On Time
  • Are you ready for value adding to your business? It is easier than you realise with The Coaching Centre. With international and local lean implementation experience. Executive coaching And lean business improvement is for business who want to gain high performance in their systems, culture and make a sustainable impact. We support improvement for transactional and all service industries aswell as production operations.

    Lean Operational Excellence Client Testimonials

    Planning is a big factor at our factory. Shawn was ready to contribute and help refine standards of cleaning and safety at the factory. He drilled in and looked at our recall procedure and suggested and found paperwork to use and implement. Shawn has experience and training in food and factory management.

    “Shawn had a lot of skill in creating procedure and if asked could drill in and find solutions to overwhelming issues. He kept an open mind to find solutions. Had the skill to write procedure and research what was needed to meet industry requirements. Seeing this process of solving the hard stuff was a good example for us to follow” Primary producer and local manufacturer, Central West

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    Business Improvement

    We are seeing more communication and ownership which works to better our business.

    “Shawn showed us the way to implement standards that can be continually maintained and reviewed in the overall management of our business. He came up with a system that suited our skills and abilities in which we could implement change and grow business stability.”

    Our strategic transformation partnership allows the members of an organisation to achieve rapid, successful and sustainable transformation The Coaching Centre way. The partnership integrates hands on education and action to build more capable and motivated workforce. This approach can achieve faster than can generally be accomplished by internal lean departments because it educates, and builds passion for improvement across your entire organisation.
    Once your plans are executed you will be able to reduce cycle times through our learning and improvement focused training. The strategic transformation partnership takes companies step-by-step through your improvement journey.
    We offer you extended billing options that will ensure you realise savings well in excess of the billings over the life of the partnership. Ideally invoices will arrive after you have already realised the savings, making this truly cost neutral.

    Lean House
    Furthermore, businesses can be extraordinarily complex entities, and it is unrealistic to assume that any one person, not matter how involved they are, understands every mutually influential relationship that exists between different business areas or colleagues. We provide you with;
    Internationally Certified Lean Six Sigma Business Improvement Specialist
    Improve Business Capability & Productivity
    Reduce Non Value Adding Activity Throughout Your System
    Develop Dynamic Stability With Standardised Work
    Implement Strategies For Business Performance

    Lean Client Testimonial
    Zenda, Dentist Practice Manager
    “When I first approached Shawn, I was struggling at work. There was no system in place for me to manage. I had no idea where to start. Having gone through this program has given me a foundation/plan to work with. I now know how to start, where I’m at and how to keep improving. In return, this has taken away the overwhelming issues I was facing before hand, now the workplace is my lab to experiment, trial, implement, improve. From this experience, I now have a template that I can take with me and use in many personal areas but also other professional possibilities. I have come away with more opportunities at my finger tips. Shawn was very generous with his time and was able to supply knowledge in areas that I lacked. Eg in particular HR matters. He helped separate the task from the personnal so that I can now not personalise the work, focus on the quality of the procedures required and identify where staff are failing to adhere, without worrying about making things personal.”

    Central West Client
    “Shawn set up a simple plan to try and cover each area of the business with focus charts to list and implement improvements in each area. These he started off with us and detailed how to use them with lots of practical help and reminders till we got the idea. We are using these and starting to get things accomplished and they have helped us manage leadership and encourage and help each other in our areas.”



      5S is a key lean tool that we provide internal training for and long distance site support. Productivity is a key focus where 50% of quality errors are reduced through our 5S program. Learn from a certified and experienced lean six sigma green belt and accredited trainer, Mr Shawn Dwyer.
      Lean Business Client Testimonials
      “Leadership level training was one of Shawn’s strategies for getting our business to focus on the need for us as employers to lead so that staff can be working well, upgrading and improving their skills and having input, that then is followed through on by us as their leaders. Shawn drew up a basic management plan for us and helped us to see the tasks at hand are in many areas and at different levels. He made the plan something that we could achieve, and it helps us to see what staff need to work better. The plan used Quality and counter measure boards for each area of the business and these helped us to start working on these areas. Shawn set up the idea and got us reading about continual improvement. He has lots of sources of knowledge and material he can draw upon to help break through barriers. Plus helps you practise! We can now appraise and appreciate work, give feedback and get feedback to implement the best solutions.” Recent small business client in the Central West

      “We started to delve into the administration of the factory production. Shawn worked with us to see where back logging was occurring and gave us information about waste in businesses as example. It is hard to see the work barriers when work has been done the same for a while but delving in and analysing what is happening was very worthwhile and something we will now continue to do.”

      How Do We Start?

      We start with a focused analysis and strategy deployment that you direct. Education is then a critical ingredient for change. Our facilitation programs are customised to your specific needs and strategically delivered just-in-time for immediate application. As your specialist, we will be onsite as an engagement leader to reinforce learning, to assist problem solving and ensure effective and timely completion of all projects. The general sequence focuses on systems and then on process level change, followed by implementation of daily management systems. The changes we seek will be impactful.
      Effective change comes from inside the organisation, through the creative energy and talent of the workforce and the leaders.
      There are a few ways to start;
      – Face to face (contact us on 0439194323 and arrange a meeting time)
      – Online course here
      – Phone Conference ring 0439194323
      – Email

      “Shawn is a coach who is hands on and inspires action when he saw a need he pitched in and enjoyed the involvement.”

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