Conflict Management / Effective Communication Techniques

Conflict Management a one day program based on how to deal with and resolve conflict with various stakeholders in the workplace. Learn the distinctions for developing win/win interactions


Conflict Management
Competitive and destructive interactions within the workplace can impact on productivity and staff morale. Learn how to create effective interactions. Developing and maintaining positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders is essential within today’s diverse workforce. Identifying and dealing effectively with difficult people and situations requires skills in positive communication, active listening and problem-solving. Reflect on interactions in the work environment and self-evaluate your response and management of these situations. This workshop is interactive in style and involves active participation in case study scenarios, group work and self-evaluation activities.
This course is for Managers, Senior Managers, HR Managers, Business Owners, Leaders and Frontline Staff who need to understand effective conflict management skills.

Learning objectives

– First of all explore the different ways conflict can be expressed including aggression, assertion and passiveness
– Gain effective tools and strategies to deal with difficult situations and people
– Most of all explore the use of assertiveness, active listening, communication, body language and teamwork to overcome conflict
– Especially relevant is the types of conflict in the workplace and how it can manifest
– Another efficiency rule is responding to diversity in appropriate ways
– As a result learn more about yourself, others and managing competitive mindset
– In conclusion, gain confidence in managing other’s requirements and your response to it
– Finally, ensure you are providing a safe place to share and discuss problems encountered in the workplace