The Power of Influence


The Power of Influence

Do you want to be able to influence others by your words? Is having the power of influence crucial in your role? Do you want to enrich your leadership powers?

Join “Empowering People With The Power To Influence (Mind-Lines)” training program on 29th to 30th October.

Empowering People (Mind-Lines):

It began before you were born. Then it happened. You were born into a world of frames. Frames set by the people who talk to you, the language they use, the beliefs they operate from, the understandings they have about things, their states, their intentions, and all of the meanings that define who they are and how they live.

What is a frame?
A frame refers to a frame of reference that lets you understand and interpret things. You use a frame as an interpretative scheme, as a lense on your perception of reality, and as a way to define what things are, how they work, and what they mean. And every time you think of something, you are using or setting a frame.

The Reframing Genius training focuses on learning the art of framing and reframing so that you can use language, and the neurological effects language has on people, in ways to empower and enhance lives. The design is to learn how to frame things to create robust Matrices and to unleash a person’s highest and best potentials.

Who is this course for?

Leaders, team leaders, coaches, counselors, NLP practitioners, HR managers and specialists, trainers and teachers, public speakers, sales and customer service representatives.

Why attend this training?

• To increase your powers of communication. This training will enable you to become more professional as a communicator, more creative, more powerful in your ability to inspire and influence, more elegant in your expressions, and more persuasive in selling your ideas as you communicate.
• To create a memorable branding for yourself. The training can empower you to influence how people perceive you. That’s because the ideas that people hold about you, your products, and your services determine how they are going to respond to you. The lines in their minds determine whether or not you will even keep them as your customers or clients. Does that matter to you?
• To enrich your leadership powers. As you learn to master the skills of inspirational communication in your language and framing, then as a leader you can effectively and elegantly lead others.
• All of this and more is yours by taking charge of your own powers for influencing by learning how to use language more effectively.

In The Power of Influence training we will focus on:

• How lines (sentences) can empower you to change your mind and the minds of others.
• Meaning lies at the very heart of the structure of communication excellence.
• Become a word magician so that you can cast the kind of spells for yourself and others that will make life a lot more fun, productive, and cooperative.
• Reframe any toxic or hurtful meaning and the lines that encode them.
• Set frames in everyday conversations that effectively handles objections, excuses, and misunderstandings and creates win/win relationships.
• Conversationally reframe with confidence, grace, and power.
• Develop the skills for moving to the higher level thinking that drive minds, to the thinking behind (or above) the primary level thinking.
• Develop effective persuasion skills.

The Power of Influence Training Content:

I: Overview: What is Reframing and Why Reframe?
– Frames and Reframes —
– Lines that Change Minds
– Why are Mind-Lines Important?

II: Preparation for Learning Mind-Lines
– Getting into the Right State: State Accessing Patterns
– Adopting Empowering Beliefs
– Attitudes for Super-Charging your Learning
– Clearing your Path of Interferences

III: The Conceptual World of Meaning
– The Structure of Meaning: Detecting the Levels
– Seven Directions and Best States
– Summary of the Mind-Lines Formula
– Mind-Line Diagrams
– Insider’s Guide to Structure of Meaning
– The Meta-Move
– The Layers of your Meaning Matrix Cues and Prompters

IV: Examples of Reframing
– Failure
– Learning Difficulty
– Confrontation
– Saying Mean Things
– Being Late
– Getting into a magical state
– Empowering States
– Supporting beliefs that empower the magical state of mind-lining
– Problematic states that prevent word magic
– Eight things every magician needs to know about meaning (chapter 12)
– The seven directions of consciousness
– Sometimes you just have to go meta

V: Reviewing the Art of Reframing
– The magic of reframing
– Simplifying the Simplifications
– Learning Mind-Lines Step-by-Step (the magic formula)
– How do Know when to do What (how to do what when; chapter 13)
– Delivering Mind-Lines with Powerful Elegance
– Semantically Packing your Mind-Lines
– Mind-Lining as a Belief Change Pattern

The Power of Influence Course Dates

Location: Orange
When: 8.30am start 29th October, 2016
9am-5pm 3 days, Saturday 29th to Sunday 30th October 2016 (2 days)
Up until the 15th of October the Early Bird Rate is Only $395
So the first 5 people to sign up for the Early Bird Rate will receive a 30 minute one on one breakthrough coaching session valued at $199
After the 15th of October the Standard Rate is Only $595

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While up until the 15th of October the Early Bird Rate is Only $395

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