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Entrepreneur Development Strategy
Central West, NSW

When there is no failure only feedback we are lead to meta-learning and insight.
Expect to gain progress and clarity from a structured program, designed by a business expert and certified lean six sigma business improvement specialist. The Entrepreneur and business coaching package includes a free 90 minute introduction session, available to see how we can work together.
The program includes 10 sessions each lasting for 120 minutes.

  • Where Entrepreneurship Is And How To Get It

Statistics To Consider

Small Business Account For 97% Of All Business In NSW
66% Small Business Cease Operating Within The First 3 Years Of Starting – Don’t be one of them
44%” Suffered Due To Poor Strategic Management – Strategic Planning With The Coaching Centre
40% Of Business Have Inadequate Cash Flow – Management Plan Is Vital
But this is not the interesting part of the statistics. There is more.
• Four-fifths (80 percent) of new companies survive their first year
• Two-thirds (66 percent) survive their second year
• About one-half (50 percent) survive their fifth year
But by year 10, only 30 percent will have made it.
Surprise Yourself With Success – Don’t be one of the 70% of business that fail in 10 years

It seems that this might have less to do with the business climate (the numbers stay consistent through recessions and recovery periods). In most cases, a business’s failure comes back to decisions that founders and their executive teams make.

Through your business development strategy you will create your own focused business

Business Strategies For:

  • Effective Use Of Time
  • Your Entrepreneur profile
  • Identity and brand
  • Your business vision and mission
  • Identified market position
  • Leader motivation and attitude focus
  • Marketing strategy and communication plan
  • Social media plan and how it works
  • Business diagnostics
  • Cash flow plan
  • Business culture map
  • Managing business relationships
  • Strategic planning

Program Levels – Win At Life

Option 1: Start Up, Rapid Growth, Business Plans
Option 2: Business Plans And Sustainability
Option 3: Business Strategy, Developmental Coaching
Option 4: Business Growth, Developmental Coaching, Matrix Plan
Option 5: Business Readiness Strategy For Sale

Who Should Attend

Are you ready to launch, grow, expand or sell a business?
We help many people in business with crucial strategic progress

  • New Entrepreneurs
  • Family Enterprise
  • Existing Business Owners
  • Small Business Owners
  • New Business Owners
  • Service Providers
  • Tradies
  • People looking for a career change

You Receive

  • A complete, detailed, business plan supported by us and confirmed by you, for you
  • Pathway clarity for your business growth and direction for leverage
  • Learn the right attitude and motivation for your business stage
  • Expert advice for strategic planning for business success including operational systems, marketing, cash management, business development, human development and values.
  • Ongoing support for sustaining your business throughout your leadership program
  • Living the good life while your business prospers to realised heights of success
  • Convenience of when and where your strategy sessions will be located
  • Clarity as to what, when and how your business will be built with distinctions to sustain a profitable business!
  • A Different Level Of Thinking, Planning, And Executing!

    This page is your invitation to get that… and more…
    Here’s the deal:

    You’ll learn the same process, we continue to use every year to plan, plot, and strategize maximum growth and scale.

    > Planning your new products and projects…
    > Setting-up your marketing calendar…
    > Projecting your financials…
    > Determining what type of team or support you need…
    > Laying-out your milestones and measurement tools…
    > Deciding on new traffic channels…
    > Plotting your customer acquisition strategy…
    > Mapping-out your backend profit strategy…
    > Choosing your personal workflow structure…
    > Selecting your most important personal goals…
    > Eliminating the wasteful activities from your schedule…
    > …and more!
    By the end of this training… and armed with this process… you’ll have the clarity, direction, and roadmap needed so you can…

    Grow Your Business And Income
    By Two-Times… Three-Times…
    Even Four-Times Or More!

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced and qualified locally, nationally and internationally
  • Project Management and strategic laser focus
  • 20 years of proven history and statistics
  • Secrets for rapid growth
  • We offer convenient support where ever you are in the world
  • Just think about it like this…

    If Nothing Changes,
    Nothing Changes!

    If you attempt to do the same thing next year you did this year, why should you expect your business to get bigger, better, and more profitable?

    You shouldn’t.

    This is your chance to learn and use the same Entrepreneurial Planning Process Shawn continues to use every year to ensure your business has a breakout year.

    Client Testimonials

    I find Shawn is good at valuing each person’s input in the meeting and transfers this into looking forward and positively at the task ahead. He was great at breaking through mental blocks as well and presenting disharmonious (or conflicting opinions) as a positive and something to use to solve problems in the business

    Jannette watson

    Business Owner, Jannei Goat Dairy

    Coaching with Shawn has given me the confidence I needed to push any business to the next level. He has helped me stay on track and motivated!

    Jessica Gough

    Business Owner / Barista, Jespresso

    Shawn challenged me to improve the systems and procedures that I use in my business. At first it felt uncomfortable but I accepted the challenge and as a result I am more self empowered and the profitability of my business has improved.


    , Australia Hypnotherapist

    I truly appreciate that Shawn has offered me assistance, taken me on as a client. In the last few months my confidence and belief in myself has grown!

    Nikki Cortes

    Quality Child Minding

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